Agile dreamteam

Quote on this page: We don’t talk about Business case, but we talk about business value.

DevOps Dreamteam


  • Test vision
  • Test automation vision
  • Test automation experience (several tooling's, etc)
  • Development vision
  • Development experience (including tooling)
  • development by DTAP, deployment knowledge (including tooling)
  • Technical business knowledge (Product Owner/team members)
  • Scrum vision (scrum breath)

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  • at least one visionairy (leading)
  • “Ready to follow”
  • Knowledge of their own strength
  • Communication perfect (including listening, and able to understand)
  • Pragmatic but also process mindset
  • can deal with unclarity/haziness and changing parameters
  • just fix it and good is good enough
  • “Always motivated to improve”!

the do's in DevOps way of working

Act as a team.

  • The whole team is responsible and accountable… E2E
  • The whole team is responsable and accountable for the results
  • It is all about team commitment
  • Think DevOps
  • Your team should sit together in one room
  • If this is not possible, use webcam and so on.

Take the Scrum process as it is in the books…

  • Scrum/DevOps: Just do it
  • Every team meeting should be 100% attended by the team
  • Refinement sessions, it also about:
  • How, what, where and when testing? and Implementation procedures
  • Deployment always in the whole DT (CT) AP
  • Current Sprint is realisation

The next 2 sprints are discussed in the refinement

Differentiation on the Scrum (book) process... after the first year. First find and feel the benefits of this (small) process.

So don't start with a differentiated Scrum process.

Product Owner is owner of the PB

He/she will take care about:

  • Business stories
  • Prioritization of open Problems
  • he/she can have a delegate PO for Problems to advice the PO
  • Infra changes
  • he/she can have a delegate PO for Infra changes to advice the PO
  • IT Ops processes automation/improvements
  • because this creates more capacity to create more business value

Deployment mindset

  • Story is ready for deployment into production? Just do… the same day
  • Don’t change your Change proces
  • be aware that you may have more deployments… every day, more than ones.
  • You will see different type of changes: low risk, small en minor changes and changes with outage.
  • ITIL Incident & Problem processes will not change…


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