Agile, Architects and Architecture

Quote on this page: Architects and Architecture makes your baseline and foundation

to build your IT/Business infrastructure.

No guts no glory... we know. No Architects and no Architecture is no business in the long run (and bad chooses and a huge waste of money)?

If you have seen that my Management Drives are Orange and Yellow. Orange is result driven and Yellow means Vision.

I really love a good Architecture vision. A good Target Operation Model (TOM) with a good story and good architecture landscape behind it (IT).

Where will we are within the next 2 or 3 years? and what will be next then? There is never and end state, but there will be always a next state.

If you know your architecture way to go, you know what you need for knowledge to go there. And you know what will decommissioned. IT knowledge is important and can and will change, but business knowledge will stay.

The reason that I love Scaled Agile framework is that this framework understands the importance of Architecture. It is always displayed as Enabler. And that is so true.

Every red block what you see in the framework is a Architecture Epic, Feature and Story.

Architecture enables the future, it enables you business.

IMPORTANT: Mindset change of Architects is needed: not the number of pages explains what is moving on, your collaboration with teams is what counts.

First start listening to the DevOps-teams, they are important Stakeholders, they will carry your Architecture to a success.

After listening to all Stakeholders, then start writing a new Architecture.

Explain to all your Stakeholders what will be next.

(BTW many Stakeholders will not understand the massive number of paper).

Need of Architecture guidance

IT employees needs guidance to do the right things in the right way.

Don't let IT employees make their own chooses on what kind of program language or technics can be used. It does not mean they can good ideas or it cannot work, but there is the day after delivery and you need maintenance after delivery. And you don't want to create Key Man Risk.

We/They need guidance also how they program and what kind of documentation should be in the source code.

Maintainability depends on the developers way of working.

Enterprise Architecs are in the lead making standards and guidlines.

In the time I worked at ING I did have every 6 weeks a meeting with the (Enterprise) Architects. Architects are enablers.

But as soon Architects starts making PPT of 250 pages or PSA of 80 pages, than you can starts worrying.

2nd quote on this page: DevOps and Architecture: Architecture, Standards and Guidelines needed more than ever.

This means also Architects on the floor and in communication with the teams.

Almost every Sprint an Architecture story (Enabling next steps).


Management Drives: Oranje / Geel

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