Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery

Test automation, version management, automatic deployment, automatic configuration, code quality control is part of continuous delivery.

Two connected reasons to do this:

  1. Audit controls/logging
  2. Speed of delivery is dependent on the most time consuming part of the chain.

If you automate this you will improve your speed of change/delivery. If you do so in an automated and quality controlled way the audit log will be filled up as well. Segregation of duties then is a non-issue.

Spend 20-30% of you sprint on improvements

Continuous Delivery

As mentioned in the previous page: your pace of change depends on several steps on the delivery. Every step takes his/her time. If you can automate steps in your delivery it will be increase your pace of change. Most of these steps will create logging on what is done (Audit reports).

On test automation:

  1. increase coverage of the test
  2. repeatable tests
  3. test reporting


  1. Code Quality controlled and logged
  2. Forward and backwards full version management controlled and logged
  3. Full Automatic deployment and configuration settings done and logged


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