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Agile adept

Heading a Agile transformation? You are looking for Agile leadership focused on results? Is your IT department on a different track as your Business? A large backlog on technical depth? Then it is time to talk to each other. Agile/Scrum: Close Business cooperation with a Team what’s take the ownership (you build it and you run it) makes an huge difference. Look at the results and feel the energy of DevOps and IT Agile management. My experience in this area covers 30 years IT management and more than 5 years in Scrum setting (2 Agile transitions). Environments: z/OS, RS6000 /AIX, Wintel, etc etc.

I am a certified Scrum master & Leading SAFe Agilist. Also ITIL, Prince2, several Payments certifications

My opinion: The transition to Agile/DevOps/Scrum is a culture change. If you implement Scrum it does not mean you are Agile. This culture change is not that big for employees, The greatest step is to be made by management. Self-steering teams are different, It will ask for different governance. The teams takes the ownership of the change. It is very productive, quality software, less incidents and fits into my beloved focus in the field of efficiency, optimization of work processes, flexibility and reaching concrete results.


I Am A Agile Adept, because it brings efficiency, huge pace of change, work pressure regulations, clear prioritization and employee satisfactory.

The jobs I like the most are jobs with a bite, jobs with an opportunity to solve an issue Get things done, make the team and the environment on the right level of life cycle management.

I like to bring the whole team to a high or higher maturity level.

All the effort should be and would be team responsibility and team effort.

I will take the initiatives but the teams should adept it... for now and for the future.

Today I am still in contact with members of previous teams. Sometimes they still invite me on events.

There is still a trustful and good relation between us.


In my career most of the time I get asked to lead teams with an issue. Lot of incidents, large technical depth,

miss management for a while, work overload, bad behaviour.

2nd or 3rd start-up of a project.

Bad cooperation with each other and / or with the business.

Management Consultant Aegon Corporate July 2017 -

Focus on: Business and IT cooperation, IT-maturity, Agile/Scrum/DevOps transition, Test vision, Test automation, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Information Security Controls (Change related, SOX). Business, People, processes, together we make the difference in quality. Employees and Management commitment to grow in maturity and end large the pace of change.

Head of IT Aegon Asset Management NL & TKPi (>50 FTE) June 2016 – May 2017

Head of IT Aegon Asset Management NL and TKPi (>50 FTE) June 2016 – May 2017

Together with a dedicated and motivated team and with 3 direct report IT managers.

Achievements made:

  • IT operations and Test & development is working on a higher maturity level and Agile to serve the business.
  • I take the lead on AAM NL and TKPi to get synergy on several technical and process levels.
  • On- and offshore with India (Syntel) a success. IT department includes > 20 employees (and increasing).
  • I take the lead on Global initiatives (cooperation with Kames Capital UK and Aegon Asset Management US), DevOps transformation, Test Vision, Test automation and Test execution.
  • Information Security and access management improvement: I take the role as Product Owner.
  • The Hague office: 4 DevOps teams up and running. Great Business response on achieved results.
  • One DevOps team with AGT (infra) and information security was focused on Information Security (SOX and ISAE 3402), Access management and segregation of duties.

Resume achievements made: Agile/DevOps way of working, together with increasing the maturity level on testing, ITIL, COBIT 5 controls and takes out the technical depth is a great success in quality, availability, reliability (lowest incident rate ever) and increase productivity (+ > 100%)

interim Head IT Operations  Aegon Asset Management & TKPi (24 FTE)

May 2015 – May 2016

Achievements made:

  • Better collaboration between change and IT operations.
  • I use Scrum processes to get lean processes, team commitment and good collaboration.
  • On a high priority we get the team on the good resource and skilled level, Building a good team to create better business value.
  • Multi-functional and multi-cultural team, including an offshore transition together we will go to the next level of support.
  • I makes the offshore transition a success by changing the selection criteria and selection process.
  • On my initiative: DevOps kick-off February 2016.
  • I am proud that we now have a higher level test approach, E2E test environment. Implementation is already a proven best practice.

Scrum master SEPA team All Blacks (9 FTE) July 2014 – December 2014

My team is responsible for business stories but also technical infrastructure stories.

We working on reliability and stability matters and issues. Pending initiatives Continuous Delivery and transaction monitoring.

I made a proposal for new working and mindset behaviour on incident and problem management SEPA (with great results). Other initiative: partial decommissioning SEPA. On the infrastructure and Problem Management I worked as a delegate Product Owner.

IT-Team manager ING SEPA Release (36 FTE) March 2013 – June 2014

My department is responsible for Functional and Technical Analyses, Functional Design, Technical Design, build and Testing of the SEPA environment of ING.

Achievements made:

  • First order, take home a major SEPA (onboarding) release: Release (19.000 hour).
  • After this huge release I take the initiative to the start-up of the Scrum method (in DevOps setting).
  • 4 teams operational. These teams realize within 10 months > 250 technical implementations/release in production.
  • Team number 5 was dedicated for stability and performance ING SEPA. Stability of the SEPA-application now is no longer an issue, performance is > 6x better than before. In this stability/infra team my role was Product Owner.

Other actions: automated test analyses, Continuous Delivery, optimisation test environment and monitoring.

The transition from traditional waterfall IT into DevOps/Scrum with better quality and stability is a great journey for employee and management. Agile DevOps/Scrum is also very Lean.

IT-manager ING Branches, Cards & Cash (30 FTE) September 2011 – March 2013

My department is responsible for testing ATM, CRA, ING-office applications and all debit – and credit card transactions.

Achievements made:

  • The move of the ING test centre from Rotterdam to Amsterdam. This was a major change for this team, many personal left the company, but no delay to any project.
  • Team-efficiencies from 30 into 18 employees.

IT-manager ING International Payments Engineering (12 FTE) August 2010 – September 2011

My department is responsible for the build of the International Payments and urgent applications of ING. Focus is on Engineering.


IT-manager International Payments (14 FTE) February 2008 – July 2010

My department is COPAFITH responsible analyse, design, build, test and maintenance of the International Payments and urgent Payments applications of ING.

Achievements made:

  • Number of incidents at implementations reduced to 1 or 0 incidents a year.

Management DataWire/MediaPact  (TMG) (8 FTE) January 2001 – September 2007

Achievements made:

  • Bring alive the CAT-project (this project fails 2 times before, I was asked by the COO to bring this project home)
  • Start-up central newspaper content department TMG. Bringing together 5 departments (5 working methods).
  • Selecting a new central archive application and implement this.
  • Realised cost reduction: > €1.000.00 each year.

IT-manager Service Delivery ICT Telegraaf (41 FTE) Amsterdam

January 1991 – December 2001   

Achievements made:

  • Implement ITIL Service Management
  • Maintenance and change in a 7 x 24 hour environment with z/OS, RS6000, WinTel
  • Disaster recovery (primary processes running on DR-site every week on Monday and Tuesday)
  • Initiator PRINCE2 WoW
  • Vendor management Hard- and Software, Maintenance and Resource allocation Management.

IT experience 1978-1991

Functions and roles: Trainer, Project Manager, Technical & Management Consultant Automatic Operations. Companies I worked for: Ruhrgas AG, Crediet & Effectenbank, Philips (Eindhoven, Nijmegen, Brazilië en Hamburg), ICI, Oce, GB INNO BM, Interpolis, PTT Post, DCC, BASF, BAC, Esso Benelux, AGFA Gevaert, Computercentrum Bondspaarbanken, Metallurgie, GFD


Management Drives: Oranje / Geel

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