ITIL in an Agile world


Change Control will be different while:

  1. There are no big changes (only small iterations)
  2. A lot of manual documentation from the past will now be delivered by the automated processes.
  3. Evidence on what is delivered, versions, including implementation logs are now delivered by the tools

In DevOps way of working is that the Incidents will be pickup bij the DevOps-teams. (you build it and you run it)

Problem-Management will be monitored by the Problem Manager. He/she is stakeholder for all the teams. He/she communicates with the Product Owner to get priority and a final solution.

Incident, Problem and Change Management in the Agile world still exist, but Incident and Problem Management as an important stakeholder for DevOps teams.

Small note on incident and problem management: Incident and problem management is key in your (IT) organisation. What I often see is that stops with Incident- and Problem- registration. Please make it Incident- and Problem-Management. This Management should tell you that you should work on this... Every Incident means a disruption of your business.


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