Multi disciplinary teams

Quote on this page: Multi-Disciplinary teams, don't be shy, just do it,

and you will look and feel scrum teams will work here as well.

And great results.

Multi disciplinaire teams possible?

Little bit of a special question. Every team presents several disciplines, and teamwork makes that the result is a team effort. At the start of a sprint the whole team takes the ownership. I see walls and containers disappear (very soon).

What is behind this question (most of the time) is working together with teams members from different departments.

I was Product Owner twice of these multi department teams. The exact the same chemic starts. Team effort, team commitment and great team results.

But keep in mind: same rules as a team inside your department: Dedicated team, no resource management in this team. Product Owner owns the Product Backlog, Scrum Master. daily stand-up, etc etc

My experiences

2014, at ING, I was Product Owner of a DevOps team what includes employees of the infrastructure department.

teams disciplines:

  • Cobol developers
  • CICS/Z/OS expert
  • DB2 expert
  • WLM (Work Load Manager) expert
  • Testers
  • Ops-engineers


  • Mainframe/ Z/OS configuration specialist
  • Enterprise Architect

Focus on performance improvements and availability and reliability improvements.

This team was a great succes. Working with this team was a honour.

2017, at Aegon Asset Management NL, I was Product Owner of a DevOps team what includes employees of the Information Security and infrastructure (AGT) department.

team disciplines:

  • Functional Application Managers
  • Implementation support
  • Security officer
  • Aegon Global Technology (AGT) for DBA and infrastructure support
  • Test Manager

This team also delevers stories to other operational teams.


  • Product Owners other teams
  • Information Security process specialist

Focus on information security, access management and monitoring and logging on controls. First steps RBAC.

Also this team was a great success. On multiple areas we made a Hugh step forward. Working with this team a great pleasure.

2nd quote on this page: They told me in the past: "working together with infrastructure employees it is almost impossible. They are very reluctant". My experience here is just the opposite.

I never ever work that good and effective then with people who are dedicated to the job.

Infrastructure employees are IT Professionals. They have knowledge of the details.

IT is not just a trick, IT is an serious profession.


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