Scaled Agile Framework

Quote on this page: Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is not a religion but a great reference on what you can do. 

What: Scaled Agile Framework means to me.

In 2015 I did the Leading Scaled Agile and certification. It is more or less an industry standard. But not in the way you will find a lot of companies who will implement this from front to back, but as reference and guideline on what is next and read about what to do.

Implementing the DevOps way of working is an important step, but it is the first step to move forward to a great pace of change, but you also need another governance and you need for example new thinking on Portfolio management, EPIC management, Roadmap, Architecture and Metrics.

If you implement DevOps you have implemented the Team part of SAFe. There is more to do: Program level and Portfolio level.

Important websites:

Scaled Agile Framework:

Scaled Scrum from

Use SAFe as a reference and it enables you an helicopter view on the Agile landscape.


The SAFe framework provide you a 3 and a 4 level framework, it depends on how big your organisation is.

Very important: notice that behind every Icon you will find very useful documentation.

SAFe is a treasury on documentation. Please read it. And use it as a mirror also think by this mirroring on the maturity level of your company. 

And think about it:

  • what is useful for today
  • what is useful for the next step/few months
  • on what should we work on to reach that level (of maturity)
  • not applicable for use
  • but also, what should we not do, and why not?

But think in small steps, forward.

Most important of all:

  1. Business buy in
  2. IT buy in

2nd Quote on this page: Don't implement SAFe as is. Use it as a mirror, use it as building blocks to grow in maturity.

Take small steps forward.


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